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Here are several recommended links for paintball informations sites, online paintball forums, other stores that carry older parts and custom shops with both excellent customer service and and top notch work.



 The number one online paintball forum for accurate information, good advice, old school knowledge and home to many great paintball players worldwide.
 VintageRex.com is a constantly updated online paintball museum catalog containing great pictures and accurate information.
 Run by the very knowledgeable Tim "Firepro84" Firpo, PaintballTek specializes in paintball marker repair and is located near Sacramento California. Firpo also offers a variety of "other services"... Check out his website to see what he is all about. I have known Tim for 8 years and he is very helpful and has helped me tech everything from a Sweeney Gun to a Reflex cockers (alright, somewhat similar but both very complicated). If I shot electros I would take a "tek" class from him.
 Automags.org is a paintball hosted by and dedicated to Air Gun Designs products. Searching this website can provide most specific Automags information.

Online Store specializing in some older parts, electronic marker parts and occasionally offering Punisher Custom's items.

 Concept Components Inc. makes the phantom pump and is run by the paintball players friend, Mike Cassidy. Phantoms are available in stock class or direct feed and have many options.
 Excellent resource for all Autococker related information and picture gallerys filled with amazing paint slinging artwork. Run by very knowledgeable cocker aficionados.
 Fun collection of paintball jokes, excellent gun collection with great pictures and information about Sacramento Pump day.
 Palmer's Pursuit Shop in Sacramento is regarded world wide as the makers of beautiful and superbly designed brass and aluminum Pump and Semi Automatic creations. They produced the Blazer, the Hurricane, the Superstocker and many more. The also have a great online store with thousands of products.
 Remember the Ronin brings a new high end stock class pump to the market, The Gargoyale. RTR also offers slide trigger kits for phantoms as well as 45 grips blocks.
 Rememnber the Ronin Blog spotlighting the legend lost in paintball.
 Redux Factory is producing the second generation of the Loo/Carter Duck Legacy with phantom based internals and freak compatible stainless barrels. Redux Factory also produces the duckslide kit for the phantom.
68caliber blog Steve Davidson's blog about paintball news and nostalgia. My favorite feature is the patch exhibit. Patches from Steve Davidson, Greg Muller, Jim Lively, Kevin Donaldson and more.
 Tao "TSK" Klauenburch's site on Autococker (and other pump) tests. Good information on 12 gram use in snipers, modifying stock Azodins, testing cocker valves, bolts, hammers and various other stuff.
 Warpig.com is a general paintball information website with ages of articles and information.