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Autococker and Automag bodies and frames added in July

Last month I added a ton of Autococker and Automag parts to inventory. These included Autococker frames, bodies, and pump kits. The Automag parts consisted of bodies, rails and more. I posted large images of the groups of Cocker and Mag barrels and misc parts as well as K-C No Hot Shots Air Parts but forgot about the Autococker and Automag pieces. Since these parts were added last month many of the pieces have sold but some are still available at the categories linked with each photo.

Left side of june 2014 Autococker bodies Left side of Autococker bodies

Here are the Left side of the Autococker bodies added last month. Highlights include two STO bodies, both of which sold to international buyers.  There are also a couple system X bodies and the Nickel plated Minicocker body I posted on the blog about purchasing from Benji back in June.

Find Autococker bodies here:

Right side of June 2014 Autococker bodies Autococker Bodies, right side

And the right side of those bodies.  Many of the stock bodies are still available and perfect bases for custom, loaner or sleeper project builds. These stock bodies with serials from under 10 K up to over 100K range in price from 15 to 30 dollars based on serial/age and condition.

Autococker grip frames
Autococker grip frames

Here is a large overview of the Autococker and Automag frames.  For Automags there are a couple 45 frames and the rest are all Autococker pieces. Highlights include Taso frames (which are expensive!), stock sliders, a Kapp and a Benchmark 45 (both of which sold) and a bunch of stock sliders, single hinge sniper 2 frames and stock mech hinge frames. Some nice frames and prices range from 15 for the later swing frames up to 90 for the nicer Taso humpbacks.

Find Autococker frames and frame parts here:

And Automag grip frames here:

close up on the sliders Close up of Autococker Grip Frames

A close up on the left half of the Autococker and Automag frames.  The threeTaso frames are listed (warning they are expensive though!) here:
Clear ano Taso:

Chome Taso:

Black Ano Taso:

close up of Autococker Grip Frames close up of Autococker Grip Frames

Somehow I managed to build up a bunch of the junky plastic 45 frames.  Too bad WGP didn't make these out of metal rather than plastic. If they were metal then maybe every single one I touch wouldn't shatter apart.

sniper 2 pump kits Sniper 2 and 3 Pump kits (or Autococker Pump kits).

Here are a few of the pump kits and shrouds.  Some of the 2k Sniper pump kits have sold but the pre 2ks are still available.  Prices typically range around 30 dollars. Also shown in a sniper 3 pump kit.
Find Sniper (Autococker) pump kits here:

Find Shrouds here:

automag bodies Automag and Minimag bodies.

Here are a few of the listed Automag and Minimag bodies.  About half of these sold but a few are still available.
Find them here:

Automag rails Automag parts including rails and misc pieces

Some Automag rails and a Smart Valve (the smart valve sold):

The two valve black anodized Aluminum valve backs went quickly.  They were prices around 25 each.

This month I'll be adding patches, close to 100 guns (might not do them all this month) and hopefully tippmann parts. Thanks for everyone's patience while I was on vacation!

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