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Dave Youngblood in Ross Alexanders Tiger Stripe Tux - 6/91 APG Cover

APG June 1991, Youngblood wearing a Tiger Stripe Tux

June 1991 issue of APG featuring Youngblood on the cover with his custom comp and Tiger Stripe Tux.

I think Tim Schloss told me that he made these for the year the Muffs (industry male team) either were playing the Pink Puffs (industry female team) at the Nashville Masters or were playing playing in the European Masters.

Randy Kamiya commented on this photo:
"The TigerStripe Tux actually belongs to Ross Alexander. Ross let me borrow it for the photo shoots. Tim Schloss had these made for the industry team called the MUFFS. There was a MUFFS vs PUFFS speedball game played at the ZAP Amateur Open that was videotaped for an episode of Bob McGuire's Outdoor World."

And Randy went on to write:
"I spray painted the JT goggles and mask and the loader the morning of the photo shoot in the parking lot of CFW Enterprises."

Wondering if Youngblood was a Muff I asked Randy:
"Thanks for the info Randy! Did Youngblood play on the Muffs? Were there multiple Puffs Vs Muffs games?
I think I remember reading the first Puffs Vs Muffs was at one of the Line SI Masters when the Puffs had their Pink Nw comps?"

And he replied:
"Youngblood was not a Muff. It was only for the old guys and Dave's too young. I thought the game was at the Amateur Open, but it may have been a LINE SI Masters. Ask Tim Schloss. He'll remember."

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