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Harnesses, Whipper Snapper masks and Shoulder Stocks from 10-11/2014

Here is another overview look at some of the pars that were added to inventory in October and November of 2014. These included Harnesses, a TON of junk Whipper Snappers (good for parts?) and some shoulder stocks.

Gat, stock class harnesses and more that were added to inventory in November. Bulla Hats, Stock class harnesses, and more that were added to inventory last month.

This load of gear pictured above mostly came from a local pickup.  The hats are neat, especially the JT branded one (top of the two).  A couple gloves, some Renegade kneepads and a Renegade harness and a Spectra mask.

JT Bulla style hat An awesome (but small) JT Bulla style hat. I haven't seen this style before aside from a photo on Dye's instagram.

Here is the JT brand hat pictured top.  The only other example of this JT hat I've seen in recent memory is on DyePaintball's instagram.  Matty Marshall is wearing it in the photo linked below:

JT logo on the back of the Bulla style hat. JT logo on the back of the Bulla style hat.

And the JT logo on the back of the hat is pictured above. Unfortunately this is a pretty small fitting cap and really doesn't fit me.
Find this hat at:

A Camo "Bulla" hat.  Reversible and the inside is black. A Camo "Bulla" hat. Reversible and the inside is black.

And the other camo Bulla hat.  This one shows some use, mainly the camo material is starting to ball a little.
Find it at

JT tree camo gloves. A pair of unique JT gloves in tree camo. This style looks like Renegade gloves but has neoprene stitched into the back of the hands.

The gloves pictured above are rare style.  They look similar to the Renegade gloves but have Neoprene pads on the back of the hands and are clearly labeled JT.

The tag off a neat pair of 90s era JT camo gloves. The tag off a neat pair of 90s era JT camo gloves.

The JT logo is still bright but the leather on the palms is starting to wear. Yes, made in Mexico, like many of JT early items. Find them at

Renegade 4H + 1 V pack. A renegade tube pack that holes 4 tubes horizontally and 1 tank vertically.

With these hats and gloves I also picked up this black Renegade harness.  Renegade products are typically known for their camo tops and pants but they did make harnesses.  This harness is nicely made and secures with velcro.  It holds 4 tubes horizontally and takes one tank vertically. Find more photos at

Unique Stock Class Harness A tan Unique Stock Class Harness. No tag attached but construction is the same as other Unique Harness from the 90s.

This Unique harness came with a WGP Sniper 2 I purchased a few months back.  I like the Tan color of the straps but I prefer belt harnesses lately. Find this Unique style Stock Class Harness at

A load of Whipper Snapper masks added to inventory. A selection of the 30 or so Whipper Snapper masks I added to inventory in early November 2014.

With a load of Trracers I picked up several months back I also got about 30 Whipper snapper marks.  Most were cracked but they are still a nice item to display in your man cave. Don't use these masks!  They aren't safe!

Green whipper snapper mask. Green Whipper snapper mark from the most recent upload. Good for display, not safe for use.
Black whipper snapper mask JT Shipper Snapper Mask in black. Used shape and not safe for use but good as a display.

Find a ton of Whipper Snappers and the older GSX goggle systems at

JT Soft Ears for Flex mask. JT Soft Ears for Flex mask.

And some JT soft ears that I took off these Whipper Snappers.  Not sure what the price on these should be?  I think these are the older larger style?  They take one screw in the goggle frame to secure them to the goggles. They are on baccipaintball at

JT Flex or Spectra Ear Screws. JT Flex or spectra ear screws. Many available.

I also added the JT flat head screws used to secure the soft or hard ears to the side JT Flex or Spectra goggle systems. Find them at

Some stocks and Stick feeds added to inventory. Some stocks and Stick feeds added to inventory

And another batch of stocks that were added.  Three modern .75 inch spacing bottomline stocks and a classic lapco 1.25 inche spacing stock.  
Find stocks at

A carter T stock in an Orange Red. A Carter Orange T stock that came off a Dye era Buzzard that Paul parted out.

This orange Carter T stock came off a Buzzard Paul bought from Benji.  It was a hinge Dye style buzzard and he ended up parting it out and giving me the stock. This stock is at

A nice shape Carter L stock in Dust Black. A nice shape Carter L stock in Dust Black.

And a Matte Black Carter L stock that is thicker than normal but looks new.

A funky T stock A funky T stock made from wide flat bar stock and with an angled down Tank holder.

And a weird stock I acquired with an Automag. The Tank bracket is actually angled down which is kinda neat. And the tank holder is welded on?  I'm not sure what company made a stock like this.  It is anodized so if it is a home made stock they did a nice job. Find it at

Carter or NW stick feed. A Carter Stick feed for classic Carter and NW feednecks. Came on an NW comp.

And another NW (or Carter) stick feed added that came with an NW comp that I ended up parting out. It fits early Carter and NW comps. This stick feed is at

And find an assortment of random PVC and metal stick feeds at:

I'll be posting a few more overviews from products added in October and November 2014 in the next week and start on another load of inventory as well.  Likely Nelson and Sheridan frames will be next up.

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