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J&J Performer brass nelson aka the Hawk

j and j performer hawk

Here is a neat classic that's 40 percent off today for Black Friday, a brass nelson body kit.
These kits were sold under several names but were likely produced by J&J performance in 1988-1989.

These kits were sold by J & J as Performers but were also sold by Joilet Army Supply as the Hawk.
Another later brass versions of the Hawk also exists which if different from this model and features a removable barrel and a larger sight rail.

This early Performer/Hawk is definitely a solid paintgun (with the exception of the pvc pump handle), the thick Brass barrel features straight rifling and the hammer and and asa are standard nelson specifications. The bolt is unique with the length of a bore drop bolt and the outer dimensions of a Breech drop and solid steel. I believe the bolt is adjustable but can't remember for sure.

Definitely not a pump you will come across too often.

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