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Load of PMI Trracer and ACI Maverick Pump Arms and Parts

PMI Trracer pump arms

Next in the New Years Resolution sale, 33 percent off PMI Trracer and Maverick Parts:

I am leaving town today so all orders placed before today will be shipped later this week from Northern California. Order placed today and after will be shipped once I return next week.

Pictured are some PMI Trracer and Hornet/Tagmaster pumps and parts I just restocked to inventory:

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5 thoughts on “Load of PMI Trracer and ACI Maverick Pump Arms and Parts”

  • Patrick Husted
    Patrick Husted June 26, 2014 at 8:12 am

    Hi! I am looking for a pump arm scre for a Maverick pump...was wondering if you had any?



  • Dan Bacci

    Hi Patrick,
    I just emailed you with some of the screws that are available. Thanks - Dan

  • randy fleck

    I need a sear catch for a vintage pmi pump tracer. Can you supply? How much?

  • paul

    Hi Patrick - I live in North Cali too. Looking for the seal that sits at the back of the valve. I don't know what to call it, but in some of the traacers and mavericks (i have 10 of them) they are metal, and some are plastic. basically, i have air leaking out of the end of the barrel.

    • Dan Bacci

      Hi Paul,
      Here is the seal you need:

      And I would also recommend replacing the valve retaining screw oring:

      And the small oring that goes under the hard half donut seal:

      Thanks and any other questions let me know,
      -Dan at BacciPaintball dot com

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