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Loaders, stick feeds and elbows added to inventory in September

Here are more group photos from the batch of inventory I uploaded in early this month, September 2014.

Stick feeds added to inventory in september 2014. Stick feeds added to inventory. Included are Jack Wada feeds, Carter stick feeds and more.

These items included an assortment of stick feeds. One highlights of these stick feeds are the Jack Wada, of the Kamikaze Shooters, stick feed.
Find stick feeds at:

Sniper sized Jack Wada stick feed. A Jack Wada Stick feed for a Sniper feedneck pump.

A shot showing the length of Jack's stock feed.  The neck is sized for a sniper (neck size .869-.875).

Jack Wada stick feed compared to a Tube. Jack Wada stick feed compared to a Tube.

Jack makes these himself from PVC and cuts feedport view holes and paints them a matte black.
Find Jack's stick feeds at

A Carter, NW, or Stan Russell Stick feeder. A Carter Machine, NW, or Stan Russell Stick feed.

Also pictured is a Earon Carter, Stan Russell, or Nicky Wilson Comp stick feed. This particular stick feeder came with the direct feed converted Pump Twist Dual that I posted several months back.  The Pump Twist Dual will be converted back to Stock Class eventually and I have too many of these stick feeds already.  

Carter stick feed retaining T screw. The steel T screw on the Carter Stick Feed.

This stick feed is constructed out of cooper tube and fittings with a milled pvc cap feed on one end to retain the feed gate and a ring soldered on the other to allow threads for the lock when attaching it to a feed neck. I would personally replace the steel T screw with a nylon set screw or some nail polish inside the ID of the stick feed so the screw isn't marking up an anodized feed neck everytime it's tightened down.
Find this Carter stick feed on baccipaintball at

Loaders and tubes added to inventory in sept 2014. Classic loaders and tubes added to inventory.

The batch of loaders contains some junk, a few nice Viewloader Revolutions, a Ricochet loader, a One Armed Bandit and some misc pods that can be cut down or thrown away.

Ricochet loader. Ricochet Loader in good shape.

This Ricochet loader works great, has a shot counter, and the stock crudely glued in arms on the paddle.  I always have liked the looks of these loaders' exterior but the material they are made out of isn't the best.  They definitely don't hold up as well as classic Viewloader Revolutions and VL-2000s.
Find this Ricochet loader at

One Armed bandit loader. One Armed Bandit loader with Fast Al feeder.

And probably the neatest and most uniquely operated classic loader, the B Cubed One Arm Bandit.  This One Arm Bandit is a later model so it's molded instead of made out of PVC.  These are nearly indestructible. Unfortunately the same can't be said about the Fast Al Belt Tube (is that the right name?).  They are neat tubes but made from hard plastic and the see though base looks pretty fragile. A neat and complete set up though.  

Take a look at this video for some insight into the operation and loading of the One Arm Bandits.

Find this molded (not PVC) indestructible One Arm Bandit loader with a feedneck size of .985 to .990 at

And more classic loaders at:

Barrel plugs and elbows added to inventory in september 2014. A batch of elbows and barrel plugs added to inventory in September 2014.

And even more elbows.  There is a pretty large selection available for most classic paintguns now with close to 50 different styles of elbows in stock (with multiples available of each).
Find the entire selection of elbows at:

tippmann feedneck adapter to take a standard hopper. Tippmann Feedneck adapter to take a standard hopper.

In this batch I added a necessary upgrade for any 68 special or Tippmann sl-68 1 or classic sl-68 2, an aluminum direct feed enlarger to use a standard size loader instead of the small OD neck of a WGP Ammo box. Here is one of the nicer aluminum feedneck enlargers:

And find more in plastic and aluminum feedneck enlargers at:

orange barrel plug Orange Anodized Aluminum barrel plug.
Orange barrel plug showing vent hole. Upper side view of orange barrel plug showing vent hole.

And a few neat old barrel plugs. I always wondered why these had the large hole in them but figured it was just to slip a piece of twine through so you could hook them to a lanyard.  But while taking to Bud Orr back in June of this year, 2014, he informed me that the hole was to vent air then the paintgun accidentally discharged. Bud was making some of the first barrel plugs similar to these with knurled ends for SC Village.

Purple anodized Aluminum barrel plug. Purple anodized aluminum barrel plug.

Bud told me that they worked on finding the correct holes in the end of the plugs so air rushing through the hole [in front of the ball] would slow down the ball and by the time the ball reached the end of the barrel it wouldn't have enough force to shoot the plug off the barrel.
Find a neat old school aluminum Orange anodized Barrel plug:

And the aluminum barrel plug anodized Purple:

And more barrel plugs at:

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