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Nelson Pumps added to inventory in September

Unique nelson pumps A group of several unique Nelson pumps including an NW Mean Green II, a Carterized AGS pump, an Armson and more.

In August I headed back to Los Angeles from Northern California with a huge crate of guns to slowly upload to the site ranging from Nelsons, to Annihilators to older semis, such as I posted a couple weeks back.

More nelson pumps added to inventory in september 2014 More classic Nelson pumps added to inventory in September 2014.

This batch of nelsons are mostly from Northern California with only few that I've purchased in the last few months. Many of these are not too common and some are extremely unique, for instance the Carter Machine cut up AGS pump, and some other are difficult to find but not necessarily super rare such as the Armson Assassinator, the NW Mean Green and a couple Tag Nelson body kits.

A Carterized AGS Pump A Carterized pump which I think started out as an AGS nelson pump.

Around 2004-05 I purchased around six or seven paintguns from Fernando Castillo, Design Engineer at Carter Machine in the mid 90s.  Two AGS pumps were included in this lot.  I say AGS because they were bore drop pumps that used the Wintec Frame.  Later models of the AGS' Bloodsucker used the Wintec frame and it's possible some AGS Vindicators did as well.

The cut up pump handle off the AGS pump. The pump handle off the Carterized AGS pump.

One heavily cut up AGS pump was anodized green with cuts throughout and another blue, both were in new shape.  I sold the green pump to Paul "PWPaintball" Weber but hung onto the blue pump. It's pricey and I don't really mind if it stays or goes but it's definitely a collectors piece and it looks almost brand new.  I would actually guess it's never been used.

The pump overlayed on the barrel. The pump handle overlayed on the barrel of the AGS pump.

And it has almost every cut imaginable for a nelson, skeleton arms, cut back bottle, parallel cuts on the barrel, perpendicular cuts on the pump and rail cuts as well.  Checkout this Carterized AGS pump at

An NW Mean Green II. An NW Mean Green II in nice shape that I imported from Norway.

Next up is an NW Mean Green II that I purchased from Norway.  A mcb user from Norway decided to sell about 20 guns probably 7 or 8 years ago and I ended up purchasing most of them.  A Be-90 (which I try to cycle in this video:, a Line SI Advantage, a Nelspot Quick Splotch, and a few others. This Mean Green was included.

NW Mean Green II sticker and serial The Stick off the side of the NW Mean Green II.

Most NW pumps that have the II prefix use the slide trigger that was modeled after the wintec frame.  This is a nice pump but I don't really like some of the NW pump features, mainly the internals and a hammer which I think might be slightly shorter than a standard hammer with a sear that is prone to to breaking.

pump handle wear on mean green II Pump handle wear on mean green II

This Mean green looks great, though it has some light pump arm wear and even the front sight pin. The NW Mean green is listed at

A Carter Tricar pump. A Carter Tricar pump from the early 1990s in used but decent shape.

Next is a TriCar I purchased off ebay with a NSG Rapide.  I've had this for probably ten years.  Built as a rental or lower end nelson based pumps as a collaboration between Carter Machine and Tri J Machine, this pump looks decent but shows use.  It has raw bottomline holes and normal wear but isn't too bad overall.

This Tricar is for sale at:

An empty Texas Air Guns body. A parted out Brass TAG body.

Also pictured are two Texas Air Gun Brass pumps.  One is currently listed as a polished body and came from a complete nelson I bought ten or so years back and parted out. Find this body at

Early Texas airgun breech drop pump Complete Texas Air Guns nelson pump. Date is likely 1987?

 The second I picked up a couple months back from Benji with a huge ding in the end of the barrel.  

Dent removed from end of tag barrel Dent removed from end of Tag barrel.

I originally had intended to part it out and keep the pump for a ps-15 marauder project I'm rebuilding since the pumps are identical but after looking around in crates in Northern California I've discovered another identical Tag body with the same pump.

texas airguns pump handle Texas Air guns pump handle

This likely means the PS-15 Marauder received their pumps from Tag or that Tag received their pumps from the PS-15 Marauder?

Look at this complete Texas airgun, although I'm not selling it until I figure out if I want to keep the pump handle and part it out or not.

An armson Assassin pump An Armson Assassin pump. Made in South Africa.

Another older pump in this batch is the Armson Assassin.  I can't remember where this came from but I've had several over the years.  This one has been played with and I think I originally purchased it off of many years back.  I'm not really sure though.
This Armson Assassin is forsale at

The second video in this playlist shows the internal breakdown of the Armson Assassin, although the paintgun pictured isn't the same.

Early nelspot 007 Early nelspot 007.

Also included in this batch of paintguns is an early Nelspot 007.  This Nelspot still has the marking under the left side panel, March 14th, 1984.

Date on 007 grip frame. Date on 007 receiver show when it was manufactured.

Aside from the date under the grips, here are several other indicators that this is an early 007:

Lack of barrel sleeve Barrel is one piece and does not feature a removable sleeve for a barrel extension.

•The lack of a removable barrel sleeve.

Lack of ball stop and point off left side of frame. Early nelsons lack the ball stop in the upper tube that prevents balls from rolling past the breech. And the point protruding off the receiver is circled in red.

•The point coming off the side of the receiver (circled).
•Lack of a Ball stop to prevent balls from rolling forward past breech

Smaller 12 gram screw on early nelspots. Nelspot 12 gram screw is a smaller diameter and on this particular nelson is missing the loop.

•The 12 gram wheel being thinner than later models.
• And the pin piercer (instead of cup) on the valve (not pictured) is not a cup.

Although this Nelspot sold, you can still take a look at it here:

A nice green unibody phantom A nice green Unibody Phantom.

What batch of older pumps would be complete without a couple unibody phantoms.  One in black (sold pretty quickly) and another in gloss green.  

An early 9K serial black phantom. An early 9K serial black phantom.

The Black Phantom looks almost new with a couple small blemishes.  The serial is 8965 and it uses the non TPC internals and longer powertube.

Long Barrel phantom in black (already sold):

the serial stamp on the green phantom The serial stamp on the base of the Unibody Phantom grip frame

The Green phantom has a serial of 11279 and also uses the older style internals.  Most classic phantoms do, up to about 95 or so?  I can't remember when Mike introduced the TPC internals.  And the green Phantom can be found for sale at

For a little more information on Mike at CCI make sure to check out the interview we did with him at Super Game 45 last May, 2013.

A nice shape trracer pump. A nice shape trracer pump that sold for 40.

And for a couple cheaper items, there's a Trracer in pretty decent shape and a Trracer Tagmaster that is BEAT.  

Bad shape trracer tagmaster A horrible shape Trracer Tagmaster for $20 dollars.

The Tagmaster is cheap enough at 20 bucks (but it's really used).  I'll be adding some more Trracers in this week for 40 since the Trracer pictured above sold pretty quickly.

Find this horrible shape Trracer Tagmaster at:
And the good shape Trracer can be found at (although it sold a couple weeks back):

An early wgp ranger An early WGP Ranger with serial 186.

Also in this batch is a Ranger.  I purchased this off ebay several years back from Charles Eric Holland of Ballers inc.  It has a lower serial number of 186, and a straight back asa instead of angled downward. Pump handle and sight rail are also Commando style.

pump handle on the wgp ranger The commando or Sniper 1 style pump handle on this early WGP ranger.

The pump has the fewer ribs and is the same style as featured on Sniper 1s but drilled for a Commando, or in this case a Ranger.

the sight rail and serial on this WGP Ranger The sight rail and serial on this WGP ranger.

The sight rail is the same style as found on Sniper 1s but still rounded on the base for a Commando, but again is on a Ranger.  This WGP Ranger is at

 And find more Nelson and Sheridan pumps for sale at:

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