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Nelspot parts, stocks and air accessories

Here are more group photos from the last batch of items that were added to the site's inventory earlier this month, September 2014.

nelson parts added to inventory for september 2014 Nelspot parts added into inventory for September 2014.

These parts included a few nelson parts.  Significant items in the nelson parts were the Reb Line Quick Release Pump arms.  These are dual arms for a bore drop pump such as a Line SI Bushmaster, a Lapco pump, a Taso, an AGS pump or the Rebline. To remove this pump handle the bolt / pump arm screws do not need to be unscrewed, you just press both spring loaded arms back and the pump will slide off.  

Rebline quick release pump arms Rebline quick release pump arms for a bore drop dual pump arm nelson based pump.

 The arms can be seen above on the Rebline pump.  Rebline parts were made by Confederate Army Supply.

Rebline quick release pump arms. Close up of Rebline Quick Release pump arm.

Unfortunately this pump is a little dirty from being on an ex rental for the past 20 years but with the arms disassembled it should clean up and work fine afterwards.

Find this Rebline quick release pump handle at:

Stainless number 4 powertubes for nelsons Stainless # 4 powertubes that were just added into inventory. ID is around .17 inches and length works on Bushmaster, Lapcos, Tasos, AGS and Rebline pumps.

More number 4 powertubes were also added.  #4 tubes are typically the most reliable bet for nelsons pumps that can use long powertubes such Ghosts, Nelspots, Line SI Bushmasters, Taso and AGS Nelsons. These are stainless and have average Inner diameters at .17inches.

Find these #4 powertubes at:

And close to 200 different powertube styles in stock at:

standard nelson spec back bottle valve A standard nelspot spec back bottle valve. This one has had the side sanded down.

Another part that is typically in demand are the Bushmaster / Rebline style of back bottle asas.  These have flat sides and fits all standard spec nelson pumps. I also prefer this style over Taso back bottles since the sides are flat and look more sleek on a Line SI Bushmaster.

Find this paticular used Back bottle asa valves that was just added at:

And more for standard Nelson spec back bottle asas at:


Nelson bodies added to inventory Nelspot 007 bodies that are well rusted and some nelson unibodies.

And of course the usual amount of rusted parts, it wouldn't be Baccipaintball with out them! In this case the rusted bodies are for Nelspot 007s.  Also pictured, are some unibodies which I believe were produced by AGS but I'm really not sure.

Nelson bodies on baccipaintball at:

Stocks added to inventory for September 2014. Stocks added to inventory for September 2014.

And a few stocks, a Carter Machine stock, a lapco stock with tank holder, a P stock and a really neat swivel butt T stock which I think was made by John Gross of the Florida Paintball Center.

Find these stocks at:

Florida Paintball center stock A stock possibly made by John Gross of Florida Paintball Center.

The stock is shown above.  The back portion is retained by an allen screw and can be unscrewed, adjusted and then locked back down.  It does not move freely when locked down.


Back of John Gross Stock. Butt of the swivel stock. Allen screw locks the butt angle in place.

The same style swivel stock can be seen on this John Gross Florida Paintball Center Autococker I filmed with Benji Silverstein several months back. Benji's stock is a little more modified so it can swing under his cocker but the butt end of the stock is the same.

I had heard in the past these stocks were made by AKA so I don't know for a fact they were made by Florida Paintball Center.  I have seen them on several Autocockers and Automags besides Benji cocker that were modified by John Gross.  Regardless they are well made and pretty neat.

Check out this neat stock at (it probably wont last long!):

Co2 tanks for sept 2014. A few tanks in 7oz and 3.5 oz sizes added to inventory for September 2014.

I finally added some air tanks to inventory. None of these tanks have been tested so I would imagine the valves could need a rebuild, but I've heard 3.5 oz tanks are getting harder to find.  I've also looked for some information on hydro exemptions in the US and here is the information I've come across. writes:

"CO2 tanks: 2 inches or less in diameter and less than 2 feet long, do not need to be tested. This is a DOT Rule. These CO2 bottles usually have a 1800 psi limit. Greater than 2 inches in diameter must be tested every 5 years. These bottles are not fiber wrapped. These are considered high pressure. "

For information on hydro exemptions and the tanks in the photo above can be found at:

Of course it will all matter on who is filling the tanks and the policies of the fields.  And if the local field does demand a recent hydro examination you can always contact Tim @

september 2014 air pieces added to inventory. Random small air accessories added to inventory for sept 2014.

Along with the air tanks are some basic air accessories and one really neat Cooper T 12 gram changer.  This changer is actually a live chamber which means that the entire chamber seals and the pin on the changer pierces and the compressed co2 fills the entire chamber. I've seen a few of these over the years and have another for my collection so I decided to let this one go (and it went pretty quick!). I prefer a rat attack 12 gram changer but these are neat.

12 gram changer by cooper T Cooper T 12 gram changer disassembled showing the three pieces.

Here is the piercer for the cooper T changer, it's a very sharp steel pin.

piercer on the end of the cooper T 12 gram changer. Another shot of the piercer on the end of the cooper t 12 gram changer
Piercer on cooper T 12 gram changer. Cooper T piercer on the end of the top piece.

The changer also have a removable bottom and top, breaking it down into three pieces.

And the Cooper T 12 gram changer is sold but you can see more pictures for reference at:

airlines added to inventory for sept 2014 Airlines added to inventory for september 2014.

And with air parts I also added a few more longer air lines and remote lines, I have boxes of shorter air lines that still need to be added but I think for those I'll just restock what's in inventory when I get time.

Find Air Remote lines at:

Next up for inventory, which I will hopefully start on this week and get loaded into inventory in a couple weeks, will be a few paintguns, some Autococker 3 ways, more random nelson parts, and hopefully some Tippmann 68 special and prolite pieces.

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