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A Few Packs and Harnesses Added to Inventory

Included in the load of parts I added to inventory this past weekend were a couple neat Idema pieces, some old stretched out classic JT stock class harnesses, some junk basic pod packs and a few Molle clip packs.

idema packs for september 2014 Some standard Idema packs and an Idema belt key fob.

The two Idema packs are basic styles, a three pod pouch (in green) that is a little too large for Indian Springs 80rd tubes or slightly too small for standard 100rd tubes and a Puppy pack.

Idema packs here:

Idema Puppy pack Idema puppy pack

The Puppy Pack (top of the photo) holds 6 80 rd Indian Springs pods and the clip piece attached over a belt.

green idema badge Green Idema badge on a three pod pack

Here is a close up of the green logo on the Idema three pod pack.

old stock class harnesses JT stock class harnesses and a couple 10rd tube packs added to inventory in sept 2014.

These old Stock Class harnesses were added to inventory and can be found here:

Top right and bottom left are JT harnesses.  The style that Navarone would model in some of the classic advertisements.  They have the old style JT badges (logo sewn into cloth and stitched on, not a patch).

jt badge from stock class harness A logo off one of the JT harnesses

Above is a close up of the JT badge on one of the stock class harnesses.

baja usa pod holder A Baja USA ten rd tube holder

Here is a close up on the label from the old school Baja USA 10rd tube holder.  It holds 5 tubes and dates, I would guess, back to the late 80s. Anyone have any info on the company Baja USA?

combat pod holder A combat 10 rd tube holder. Was combat a UK company?

Another old company, which I think was from the UK, is Combat.  Another gear company I know nothing about.

misc junk packs uploaded this month Misc Junk packs uploaded this month.

Here are the junk and misc packs as well as two badly stained and well used camo jt straps.  Some of the packs are Molle clip style for vests and then of course, no batch of generic gear would be complete without a squeegie leg holder.

stained JT camo strap A stained up camo JT strap.

Old Straps here:

Molle packs here:

And Squeegee leg holders here:

I'll be spotlighting more parts from this batch of inventory in the upcoming weeks.

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