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PGI Frog on sale for black friday!

PGI Frog on baccipaintball

Looking for a project? Why not start something you might never be able to finish?

Try fixing a Frog!

Made by PGI, FROG stands for Field Rental Only Gun and these were likely made by Leon Style's company PGI as rental guns for his field Tombstone. I purchased a load of these a couple years back that were exrentals and have slowly been selling them off.

Every gun I got looked like it had been cycled over 1 millions times and then thrown in a mud puddle and crated after the mud had dried.
The two Frogs listed on the site right now are perfect/horrible examples of a beat rental gun that may or may not be fix able.

I have been able to get several of these cycling without leaks but one oring on the vertical piston is a unique size (and is likely bad) so good luck!

Get a FROG today for 25% off which bring the price (before shipping) down to 48.75.

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