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Redux vs the Duck vs the VKC Redux at FPEW

Pat, Ted and Ryan show off their reduxs

Here is the first of a hand full of videos we recorded at Gilly's FEW (Fall Event West) last weekend.
In this short video Ryan ''BlueDragonX'' Bourgeois and ''The Icon Known as Ted'' talk about some of the features of the new style VKC Redux. Patrick ''Pakalolo'' Sy also makes a guest appearance.

In this video (left to right) Ted "The Icon Known as Ted" Martinez and Ryan "BlueDragonX" Bourgeois briefly show off some of the improvements to the new VKC Redux.

Patrick "pakalolo" Sy also makes a guest appearance.

Differences in the new VKC Redux include:
Standard Phantom internals (supposedly amounting to better efficiency)
Aluminum Snub
Duckslide one piece feed tube
Notch milled in snub for supposedly less slicing? (Pat disagrees!)

Check out "The Icon Known as Ted's" youtube channel here:

And check out Ryan's youtube channel here:

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