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Sheridan prototype knob vs Mac 1 dual 12 gram plunger


The first K series rifle (Sheridan's first paintball rifle) were produced with a standard 12 gram pusher rod from the factory and powered off one 12 gram.

Because of the super long barrel length the amount of co2 released had to be cracked up extremely high to get a paintball all the way out of the barrel at a reasonable velocity. This resulted in pitiful shot count.

Tim at Mac-1 did consulting for Sheridan on these rifles and developed a dual 12 gram plug to sustain this extremely high gas output for several more shots.

One 12 gram would go in the standard direct with the face of the 12 gram towards the valve and one would go in the opposite direction, facing away from the valve and would be pierced from an attachment onto the 12 gram pusher rod.

Tim told me that Sheridan/PMI would attempt to rip him off every chance they got and here is one example.

Not the best picture but on the right you have one of Tim's dual 12 gram plugs. This dual 12 gram piercer was likely a prototype so it is a little different than his production model (and not anodized black) and it doesn't have the piercer plate on in the picture.

The open potion you see is where the piercer would sit. Orings would be along the front grooves and the 12 gram screw and knob would thread into the other end (facing away from the camera).

On the left is a prototype copy Sheridan made of the dual 12 gram plug. I think Tim told me that Sheridan made this plug and then shipped it to him to see if it would work. When he received it he was pissed because they weren't supposed to be copying his products.

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