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The Paintball Collector's Guide and Guy Cooper

paintball magazine collectors guide

Talked to Guy Cooper of ProStar Labs on Monday about ways to digitalize his magazine archives.

Guy imagines all magazines scanned into PDFs and available for anyone to access for free. Unfortunately the time to put this together would be immense. Can you imagine just scanning one issue of an APG from cover to cover? I have been slowly working towards scanning all my magazine covers for a cover guide and it's taken forever.

I don't think anything will happen right now since this is such an immense project but we can dream and hopefully one we all will be able to download any issue of PGI, APG or PSI onto our tablet to browse before going to sleep!

For those who didn't know, Guy Cooper runs ProStar Labs and has the largest paintball magazine archive. From the first issues of Splat (published out of Sacramento before Frontline Magazines) to small publications from Australia and all over Europe.

Guy also publishes the Field Operator's manual and in the past ran Adventure Games Colorado.
You can download Guy's guide on magazines, ''The Paintball Collector's Guide (edition 9)'' for free from:

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