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Tim McMurray of Mac 1 Airguns and the Mac 1 Benchrest rifle


In response to Kevin's question about Mac-1's projects these day, Tim at Mac-1 currently builds Benchrest pellet rifles.
Tim also competes in the World Benchrest Championships and took third in the "Air Rifle HV" (which I think stands for Heavy Varmint?) category last year.

Mac-1 also services and builds parts for a large variety of airguns.

Tim is very precise about his bores and efficiency and the bore on these stainless .22 caliber pellet rifles actually reduce in inner diameter towards the end of the barrel.

We recorded a few videos with Tim discussing his theories on efficiency and valve turning which relates to both paintball and air guns.

In the following picture Tim is holding his personal Benchrest HV rifle which he built. These rifles cost around 2500 dollars and have stainless barrels.

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