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Vintage semi paintguns added to inventory: 68 Special, Ultipro and a Autohog

Last week I added about 20 vintage paintguns to inventory. Here are a few of the more unique semi automatics.

Semis added to inventory in September 2014. Several Semi automatic paintguns (included a pump and a double action Jaguar) added to inventory in September 2014

Nothing too unique (actually probably the most mass produced paintgun of 1990) to start off, just a rusted but decent shape Tippmann 68 special.

left side of a Tippmann 68 special Left side of a later 68 Special semi automatic.

The 68 special made it's premiere at the July 1990 Bay City Open and Dennis Tippmann Jr told me that Tippmann was worried that semis might get negative backlash by fields similar to what they had experienced with the smg 60s so Tippmann waited for other companies to get on board before they released. By the time PMI/Sheridan was ready to introduce the PMI 3, Tippmann had a stock pile of 68 Specials ready to go out.

Rusted tube and serial plate of 68 special. Back left side showing the serial plate and some rust on the steel tube of the 68 special.

This 68 special holds air but wouldn't cycle.  I would recommend changing the hammer oring and trying it with a siphon tank.  The valve didn't leak when I aired it up with HPA but I didn't have any co2 on me so I'm just selling it as is. The serial is around nine thousand which probably puts this 68 special closer to the introduction of the Pro Am.  I would guess Tippmann was making the 68 special and the pro am together at the same time?  And I believe I've seen serials up to 15K on 68 Specials.

Find this 68 special on baccipaintball at:

right side of PTP VMX body kit Empty PTP VMX body kit, right side.

The next piece, a VMX kit, is only the aftermarket body for a VM-68.  

left side of empty VMX body kit Empty PTP VMX body kit left side.
bottom view of vmx body kit bottom view of VMX body kit.

Made by Pro Teams Products and offered around the mid 90s, these kits were very nice drop in replacements for VM-68s.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get this kit to stop leaking from the valve so I'm not sure if it was machined wrong or just my bad luck.

back view of vmx body kit back view with door opened of VMX body kit.

I have heard some of these VMX bodies suffered from Machining problems and couldn't be fixed.  But I purchased this VMX as a complete gun a couple years back so I figure it must have worked at one time?

February 1995 ad for the VMX body kit in APG. I&I Sports' February 1995 ad for the VMX body kit in APG.

And here is a scan from an I&I advertisement for these kits that was printed in July of 1995.

Find this body kit on baccipaintball here:

And find parts to build it as a VM-68 here:

left side of Mokal Ultro pro Left side of Mokal Ultipro semi automatic.

Next up is a Mokal Ultipro I picked up a couple months back locally.  I was planning on doing a shooting video with this but was of course was overwhelmed in Northern Californina in July and forgot.  

Right side of ultripro. Right side of Ultipro.

I don't remember if I tested this Ultipro but regardless it likely could use a rebuild. I haven't the slightest clue what the internals are or if the vale is compatible with a Mirage.  

barrel is similar to the mirage semi automatic. Barrel removed on Mokal Ultipro, and showing the slip fit barrel locking system, which is similar to the Mirage. I'm not sure if Mirage and Ultipro barrels are compatible though.

The barrel looks similar to a Mirage but I don't think they are compatible.  Anyone know for sure either way?

SC Village chrono tag. Small dot of turquoise paint/glue indicated that this Ultripro passed the chrono stage at SC Village in the early 90s.

The original owner, located in Carson, California (next to I&I) used this Ultripro around the Southern California area and you can even see the green chrono glue on the sight rail indicating it was Chronographed and ready for play at SC Village.

underside detent plate of ultipro. Underside detent plate of ultipro.
back side of Ultipro asa. Back asa on the Mokal Ultipro is attached with 2 screws and must have an air pass through hole drilled.

Find this Ultipro on baccipaintball at:

New shape CMI autohog. CMI Autohog with 2 barrels in new shape.

Last is a neat Semi Automatic that I've rarely seen in the last 10 years, the CMI Autohog.

CMI, which stands for Componets, Machinery & Illustrations, Int., has been producing paintball equipment since the early 90s.  Originally, Bill "Thunderpig" Harvey partnered with Joe Dillon to produce Thunderpigs dream of a very low cost competitive pump marker, the P1 Pig Gun. I'm not sure if the P1 was released before or after Thunderpig passed away but CMI continued to produce paintball items for at least the next 20 years if they aren't still producing items today.

pressed in cmi autohog feedneck. Pressed in feedneck on CMI Autohog with pin to hold feedneck in place.

I'm my opinion, CMI products aren't the best quality, most bearing the "Made in Mexico" stamp and a somewhat bad finished but they are some of the cheapest products and seem to hold up and function well.  Especially the Diablo pumps (which I actually like the internals in).  

cmi autohog wire detent. Wire detent and light knurling on feeneck visible.

I've talked to Joe Dillon once about the LS-2000 asking if he had an extra to sell but he told me he only had he one that he shoots a few rounds through occasionally. The LS-2000 was a blow forward similar to Sheridan Equalizer.

trigger guard attachement on autohog. Trigger guard is attached with a screw on the receiver of the autohog.

Overall, this LS-2000 is in excellent shape and I actually think it's brand new.  It came from MCB several years back with about 5 other paintguns I purchased (all of which were new).

CMI Autohog ad in apg May 1995. May 1995 APG ad scan for CMI's products and the Autohog.

They aren't great guns (can't remember if I've ever shot one?) but they aren't very common. I've seen about 5 other CMI autohogs over the years including this one. 

Find this Autohog on baccipaintball at:

And find all of these and more semi automatics at:

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