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VM68 Parts added to inventory - 10/2014

VM68s complete for the last time. Eight VM68s, laid out and ready to be parted out.

Over the past couple weeks I haven't been posting much but I've been working on videos, adding new videos every few days (which you can find on youtube at, adding a ton of parts to inventory as well as restocking over 100 items (find the new and restocked items here:

Included in this batch of parts were about 100 new VM68 parts and 100 more restocked VM and PMI III pieces.

Lapco accessorized VM68s. Lapco accessorized VM68s.

Above are two of these VM68's that were accessorized by LAPCO.  One originally came with a stock VM barrel that had the distinctive Lapco porting on the end.  The other came with an aluminum WGP stock barrel ported with the lapco porting.

Brass Lapco cut VM68 barrel Brass Lapco cut VM68 barrel

This Brass Lapco VM-68 barrel is on BacciPaintball at:

Aluminum Lapco VM68 barrel Aluminum Lapco VM68 barrel

And this Aluminum (likely WGP) barrel modified by Lapco is listed at:

I haven't added a large batch of VM68 parts for a while and since I had around 8 VM68s and PMI IIIs taking up crate space I decided to part them out.

Tons of VM68 parts for october 2014 inventory. Tons of small VM68 and PMI III parts added to inventory.

Here is one photo of the group.  Mostly stock parts and pieces with a couple neat hard to find stock parts (aluminum side plate) and after market parts that are usually in demand such as sight rails, venturi bolts and lapco trigger guards!

VM68 bodies with the parts removed. VM68 bodies with the parts removed. RIP VM68s.  Hopefully you'll be resurrected soon!

Here are all the bodies after they've been stripped down.  The last batch of bodies I listed were priced too high. So when I added these bodies I made them about 10-15 dollars cheaper on average, with most in the 5 to 10 dollar range. These would be perfect for slimming or just cutting up to make aluminum chips for your front yard.

Find VM68 bodies at:

PMI III short hammer and long bolt wirh body An Early PMI 3 with the short bolt, short hammer and short spring. These parts were quickly changed to a heavier hammer that kicked more and slammed the valve with more intensity.

One of these stock PMI III pieces that is a little more difficult to find is this PMI III body with long bolt, short hammer and short spring.  I don't know how many PMI IIIs were made in this style but they are a little more difficult to find.

Super long PMI III bolt Super long PMI III bolt

Here are measurements for the bolt. 4.014 inches in length.

Short PMI III hammer. Short PMI III hammer.

And the Short hammer is only 3.057 inches.

Find this early PMI III for sale at:

Lapco Brass trigger guards. Lapco Brass trigger guard for the PMI III and VM68.

Here are the Lapco brass trigger guards mentioned above. They definitely give a VM68 a totally different look and are a rare part to come across.  Of course for the price you could probably bend and drill your own thin sheet of brass.  It probably wouldn't have the patina though.
Lapco Brass VM68 Trigger guards at:

Aluminum PMI III side plates. Aluminum PMI III side plates. Indestructible to replace the easily cracked plates on later vms.

A few of these guns were PMI 3s that take the standard internals and on those I took off the Aluminum side plates.  Most VM-68s came with plastic side plates that will break so these are a nice items to add to any VM68.
Find these VM-68 aluminum side plates at:

VM68 trigger group parts. VM68 trigger group parts. Why is this trigger group so complicated?

I restocked tons of trigger internals, not only from the guns parted out above, but also from a few boxes of VM68 parts I had sitting around. Tons of sears, springs and pins are available again. Find these parts at:

And if you're confused about what you need, check out Russ' video on the trigger group reassembly:

Goo covered VM68 stock bolt. Goo covered VM68 stock bolt. At least it's cheap.

And what parts upload would be complete without some pieces completely covered in a milky unknown substance (probably/hopefully paint)?
Find this VM68 bolt at:

VM68 venturi bolt Likely a Marker Products (Mark Thompson's company) VM68 venturi bolt.

And a slightly nicer venturi bolt in a nice blueish grey.  I think this bolt might have been made by Mark Thompson after he left Carter Machine and formed his company, "Marker Products." More commonly known for the Steel Wind barrels.
Find this Marker Products (?) venturi bolt at:

And more bolts and hammers at:

VM68 junk valves A bunch of old used VM68 valves. With a little light polish they could be good as new.

And some junk stock valve. These would be good for drilling out and cutting up to play around with air flow.
Checkout these used shape VM68 valves at:

vm68 valve with choker sleeve. Two later style VM68 valves with the removable brass valve sleeve to choke the valve or quickly open the face up and let more out into the bolt.

And here are a couple of later valve.  These use a brass choker that clogs the port but can be removed for an instantly opened up transfer port in the valve.
Find these valves at:

And more valves at:

A VM68 sight rail. A VM68 sight rail.

I get a lot of requests for vm68 sight rails and Skanline VTS vertical adapter. I don't have any VTS adapters right now but I do have these sight rails.

Along with this load of VM68 parts were tons of Mag items and a few pieces of gear.  I'll be covering those soon.

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