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Trigger Shoes

Trigger Shoes

Trigger shoes in Brass, Aluminum, Steel, plastic and CCI Phantom shoes. Please check the Outer diameter of your receivers trigger for compatibility. Questions please email!
Now including CCI phantom trigger shoes that are new, nice fitting (for nelsons) and are prices really nice!

These shoes will also work on many Sheridan and Crosman pellet and air pistols as well as some firearms. Again, check your width and compare it to the IDs/width listed for each items.

Standard VM-68 and PMI 3 Trigger width is .1565 inches. Shoes larger than this size should work. Later VM-68 triggers with the front ridge have a wider width.

Crosman triggers are .126 for the main width and .180 at the base. I recommend filing down the base of the crosman trigger to fit most standard shoes.

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