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Aim Crow Autococker

Aim Crow Autococker

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Product Description

Aim Crow Autococker. Dry cycled it on 1-31-15 and it dry fired fine. I did not shoot paint through it though so I don't know what it would chronograph at.

The pneumatics cycled with out leaks and it was short and snappy. The woman I bought this from said it was new.

Does not have any wear and does look new. But have some gunk on the drop and asa but they might have been put on from another paintgun? No barrel included. Has the shown reg, WGP unimount on off asa and drop.

I can take the unimount and drop off for 20. I can take the reg off for 10 more.

Has aim milling on the body, which I don't really like. Body has some small dings which look to be pre anodizing. I think the pneumatics and the regulator are all AIM items. Drop is 32 degrees. Angel threaded feedneck with clamping.