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CMI Autohog in new shape, likely not ever used

CMI Autohog in new shape, likely not ever used

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CMI Autohog in new shape. I don't think this was ever used. And if you air it up I would imagine it will leak. Comes with two barrels but breech on one has a sloppy cut but look brand new. The bolt going into the hammer is slightly bent. Hammer recocking takes a TON of force to recock. Hammer oring looks like it's junk. I didn't air this up, this is just a collectors gun. If you plan on shooting this it need a rebuild. For a collectors gun it's in great shape but I wouldn't use it. Back plug is delrin, the rest is aluminum. I've had three of these (and still have another) and haven't seen many more than those three. This is sold as is, and is not tested so sold as a collectors piece. Has a wire detent on the side and feedneck looks pinned at base. Autohog barrel lengths are 13 and a little less than 12 inches. Bevels cut into end breech of barrels are really sloppily cut. Barrels are filled with spider webs and pre ano finish is not very nice but they are decenly smooth.