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Technical Information

Coming soon with information on the following to help you decide which parts you will need.


Acronym index (understand asa, psi, bba, and many other paintball acronyms which are used throughout this website)

"over pressurize" means that a regulator is not regulator and that air traveling into the regulator from an air source is leaving at the same pressure it entered at.

•Nelson Tech (break downs of many nelson pumps)

Mainspring length: 2 inch

Valve spring length: 1 inch

•Cocker Tech (Differences between different years/models)

A cocker with an IVG Plug is going to use a shorter mainspring than a cocker a threaded body and screw IVG.



Sheridan Technical Information


Autococker Technical Information



Tippmann Tech (SMG->68 Special and SL-682 parts)

APG issue index (Covers of most pre 2k APG issues in issue order)

Lapco hammer weight information.
My scale isn't that accurate and doesn't handle weights this light but this will be better than nothing.
lapco stainless medium around             25-30g    or     .06lbs         .75 inch
lapco brass medium around around     30g           or     .06             .75 inch
lapco stainless full closer to                 30g           or     .07lbs        .7/8 inches
lapco brass full around around             35g           or    .07-.08         .7/8 inch
lapco stainless un-milled                     45g            or    .1 lbs         .7/8 inches


Lone Star Grip frame receivers come in different screws:
CCI is 20 thread 
Trracer/Maverick Thread is 20
Line SI Bushmaster (and I would assume promaster and ICD) thread is 20
Inferno M-16 grip frame screw thread is 20
VM 28 tpi (threads per inch)

Crosman triggers are .126 for the main width and .180 at the base.  I recommend filing down the base of the crosman trigger to fit most standard shoes.